Introducing our first product release – JGRIPS… pushup grips designed for convenient portability.
Strong, stable, compactable
– take your JGrips anywhere you wander, work, or play
– and everywhere you might want to drop and give 20!

In your pocket, purse, duffel, or travel bag – take them with you! Your JGrips will help keep your mind and body healthy and strong [then the Discover JGrips follows]




We have worked hard and diligently to perfect what we believe to be the best portable pushup grips on the market. Our journey began by happenstance, as we frustratingly sampled our way through all the commercially available pushup merchandise in search of a reliably stable assembly that we could carry with us – and put to use even on our hectic work and travel days.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone! The wrists take a beating from pushups due to the backwards angle of the wrists coupled with pressure from your bodyweight. Some wrist pain is common, especially if the form is off or you’re not strong enough to support the move. But you could also be dealing with more serious issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a wrist injury. If you have concerns or severe pain, your first step should be to visit your doctor. But if the discomfort is minor and only triggered by certain exercises like pushups, modifying your exercise using JGrips can help alleviate the pain and help prevent injury.

Here’s a great article that gives 7 reasons why you should do pushups every day! (strengthen multiple muscles at once; strengthen your joints and bones; support your cardiovascular health; burn calories to lose weight; improve your posture; use the strength you develop in everyday activities; pushups can be modified to fit your needs and fitness level)

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August 24, 2021

How To Use Push Up Bars?

Do you often wake up with body aches and muscular pain? Are you experiencing back pain when you’ve sat for a long time? Yes, you can blame the chair for not being ergonomically friendly, but is that really what’s causing you physical discomfort?
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